Garage and attics are easily turned into dumping places. The problems starts out small by storing things you think you will need later on. Eventually the place becomes one big pile of boxes full of items that you might never need.

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#1 Garage and Attic Clean-out Service

A garage or attic can be a great place to store some of your junk when you’re not sure what to do with them. However, the accumulation of these materials may cause the room to become squeezed or even a health hazard. That is why you need the services of a garage and attic clean-out Gettysburg, PA company once in a while.

If the junk and clutter in your garage and attic has become a headache, let it worry you no more. At Gettysburg House Cleaning Pros, we have all the connections to proper disposal locations and can help you clean out your congested and dirty area.

Our crew members make the entire processes of clearing junk and clutter out of your garage and attic very easy. We handle all the dust, heavy lifting, loading, cleaning and clearing, hauling, and safe disposal. We do everything for you so your work is just to sit back and relax, watching your junk and clatter disappear.

We always make sure that we’ve removed all the unwanted clutter and junk from your attic or garage, taking great care not to damage your surfaces. We then sweep and clean up the area, leaving it spotless after we’re done. This is our way of doing things for our customers.

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Why Hire Us?

We have become the leading garage and attic clean-out service in Gettysburg area because of the following reasons:

  • We have a top-notch customer service that takes care of all our client’s needs 24/7
  • We either recycle or donate over 60% of the usable items that we collect from attics and garages back to your community. We try as much as possible to find a new owner to whatever we remove from your home. This is because we care for your community and the environment and know that someone can find your trash as treasure.
  • We don’t toss your junk or clutter into some landfill. This way, we give you peace of mind.
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At Gettysburg House Cleaning Pros, we can make the process easy for you. Just contact us or schedule an appointment and we’ll give you a free estimate. Then appoint us an appropriate time to do the work for you. Easy!

For all your garage and attic clean-out services, go no further than Gettysburg House Cleaning Pros. We have all it takes to safely dispose of your junk and clutter. We also clean your attic and garage after de-congesting the areas. Call us today for a free estimate.

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